Elastic Detector V3 is available as SaaS or Virtual Appliance, featuring:

> Multi cloud. Elastic Detector now supports AWS, HP Cloud, Terremark VMware vCloud Express, Openstack and Eucalyptus private clouds


> Elastic Vulnerability Assessment (EVA). No hardware and agentless but with the accuracy of agent based solutions (no false positives)


> Multi layer. Elastic detector assesses the security of your networks, cloud stack, servers, applications and sensitive data


Elastic Detector is the answer to current threats to IaaS infrastructures. According to the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report:

> 97% of breaches use known vulnerabilities
> 94% of all compromised data involved servers


Elastic Detector continuously checks for security holes in your cloud infrastructure to avoid the risk of external and internal attacks. Elastic Detector is fully automated and raises alarms to bring you full visibility and security awareness.
Use Elastic Detector and discover your unexpected Cloud infrastructure security vulnerabilities.