Logo ED ENStrengthen your computing and data infrastructure security and lower security costs.

Find vulnerabilities exposed by your servers and networks to limit the attack surface of your environment.
Lower and soften costs by automating the surveillance and avoiding damages from piracy and sucessful attacks.

SecludIT is a software company, founded by seasoned experts in data centers and network infrastructures security. The company has become a recognized player in the security industry. It has built partnerships with the infrastructure technologies providers and supports most of the existing technologies: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, IBM Softlayer, Numergy, Outscale, VMware, Hyper-V.

SecludIT has received many innovation prizes in the data & computing security domain. The company develops Elastic Detector, a comprehensive software suite to identify infrastructures vulnerabilities, make them and data they host secured, through innovative approaches, full automation and continuous operations.

Continuous security monitoring: Elastic Detector from SecludIT builds a solid line of defense for physical, virtualized, Cloud or hybrid infrastructures, automating surveillance and keeping up with infrastructures changes and security threats evolution.
Elastic Detector was built on three pillars: Automation, Completeness/Continuance, and Innocuousness.

  1. Automation: Elastic Detector runs unattended and automates infrastructure detection, monitoring and scanning for security vulnerabilities.
  2. Completness and Continuance: Elastic Detector is designed for being exhaustive in terms of security checks and infrastructure perimeter discovery. It is maintained always up-to-date with automatic addition of new unveiled security vulnerabilities, and continuous detection of infrastructure components.
  3. Innocuousness: Elastic Detector is agentless: it does not impact production systems and runs isolated, consuming very few system resources.


Elastic Detector is available in SaaS mode or as a Virtual Appliance, featuring:

  • Multi target: Elastic Detector supports physical environments, VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, OpenStack, IBM Softlayer, Outscale, Numergy and many other private Clouds, as well as hybrid environments.
  • Elastic Vulnerability Assessment (EVA): the product is agentless and provides maximum threats detection reducing “false positives”.
  • Multi layer: Elastic detector assesses the security of your networks, cloud stack, servers, applications and sensitive data.


Elastic Detector is the answer to prevent current threats happening against data and computing infrastructures. According to the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report:

> 97% of breaches use known vulnerabilities
> 94% of all compromised data involve servers


Elastic Detector continuously checks for security holes in your infrastructure to avoid the risk of external and internal attacks. Elastic Detector is fully automated and provides detailed reproting for full visibility and ease of integration into compliance processes.

Use Elastic Detector and discover your unexpected infrastructure security vulnerabilities!