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SecludIT helps Businesses, Managed Services Providers, Integrators and their customers, with risk management for their data, servers and networks.

Pioneer of Cloud infrastructures security, founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance, SecludIT is a worldwide recognized player for its technologies proven results and cyber risk management approach. SecludIT provides security services and software to help to secure infrastructures and data, Web and e-commerce sites.

SecludIT main product, Elastic Detector, supports all infrastructure types: physical, virtualized, Cloud or hybrid. It incorporates a set of technologies that provides active continuous surveillance of computing and storage infrastructures and fully automated servers audits.


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SecludIT is a software company, founded by seasoned experts in network infrastructure security and virtualization. Started in 2011 to answer security and vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures, the enterprise has become an industry recognized player, building partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, VMware, HP and Docker.

SecludIT has received many innovation prizes in the cloud computing security domain. The company develops Elastic Detector, a comprehensive software suite to identify vulnerabilities of computing infrastructures, make them and data they host secured, through innovative approaches, full automation and continuous operations.

We strive to help our customers developing their business without hindrance.

Cloud computing is moving quickly to widespread adoption, since the benefits associated with cloud technologies are creating real value across IT, mostly in terms of resources, cost optimization and architecture scalability. The challenge today is to maximize the benefits of cloud computing without compromising security and compliance.

SecludIT helps businesses, integrators and infrastructure providers to keep their current infrastructures secured and safely move towards virtualization and cloud technologies adoption.


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