How Do CEOs Rate Cybersecurity Risk? 8% of SMEs Versus 86% Of Bigger Businesses.

How Do CEOs Rate Cybersecurity Risk

According to a poll of 3,000 SMEs by Zurich Insurance (link below) only 8% of SME CEOs rate cybersecurity as the #1 risk to their business.

Yet according to management consultants KPMG, 86% of the CEOs of larger organizations stated that cybersecurity is the risk they are most concerned about (see our presentation The Real Cost Of Ignoring Cybersecurity).

Why the disparity? Probably because the management of SMEs are not fully aware of the scope of cybersecurity risks, and also there’s the notion that “hackers aren’t interested in my business because we’re too small.”

But according to Sergio Loureiro, founder of SecludIT: “Even small businesses are being hacked and held to ransom nowadays. And the number of potential vulnerabilities that can exist on a corporate network of any size are incredible. Our database includes over 50,000 separate incidences of malware or server configuration which can let hackers into your network. That’s reassuring for SMEs who often don’t have the niche security skills to protect against even minor attacks.”


81% of UK companies were hacked in 2015.

According to the website PGI Cyber (link below), an incredible 81% of UK-based companies had some form of hack in 2015. That statistic will be similar in France and thorughout the EU.

Over half of those companies reported a loss of data, and 45% a loss of money and reputational damage.

And yet the same report showed that only 27% were planning to improve their cybersecurity measures in 2016.

“It’s not that SMEs don’t care about cybersecurity,” Sergio says, “but rather that those companies don’t know where to start. There are a lot of IT security solutions on the market, and to the uninitiated the choice is bewildering. That’s why we developed the S-Diag security audit package specifically for the management team of SMEs.”

“S-Diag is the perfect starting point for SMEs who want to create a cybersecurity strategy. Thanks to our breakthrough technology, in just a few hours our S-Diag package performs an in-depth network audit, and provides the management team with a low-tech report of what problems exist … and a high-tech list of remediation tips for the IT team. Better still, our special software means there’s no need to take the business offline, there is no special software to launch or network reconfigurations required, which means our package is ultra-fast and has little effect on network performance. But for companies who worry about that, it is possible to carry out the check over the weekend.”


SMEs. Get a network vulnerability assessment with S-Diag.

For just 499 Euros, SecludIT is offering a deep network vulnerability audit. Called S-Diag, the audit comes with one-to-one support and gives same day reporting.

S-Diag includes:

– A deep scan of IT resources for over 50,000 vulnerabilities.
– An “easy to understand” management report for the C-Suite.
– Remediation advices for the IT team.
– A one-to-one phone appraisal of your report with a SecludIT expert.

There are three different S-Diag audits to choose from:

– Enterprise server.
– Internet & web server.
– E-commerce server.



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