Cloud for SMEs : pay attention to your security!

Cloud for SMEs security

Cloud for SMEs : pay attention to your security


If the “cloud” name can lend to smile in his first sense, the Cloud Computing represents the future. Indeed, the Cloud is the new IT revolution, what could be as important as the internet one 20 years ago. But, this technology must be effectively protected, which is not currently the case.

The Cloud Computing, as defined by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) “is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.” This workloads dematerialisation generate time and money savings and answer to the job market flexibility.

The Cloud constitute a real opportunity for SMEs which have limited resources but want scalable and flexible resources. And the adoption of the cloud is becoming stronger, do not displease the many players in the sector.


Amazon Web Services, king of the Cloud

On the Cloud market, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is positioning as leader since 11 years. Whereas the Cloud market is growing strongly (+40% per year) and the competition is becoming more and more intense, AWS continue to gain market shares. These are even more important than those of its 5 main competitors combined.

Invincible on the Cloud market, AWS ensures to Amazon a great profitability. Indeed, the 3rd quarter results, studied by Statista, show that it represent almost 10% of the global turnover and more than 337% of the quarter operating profit.
On this 3rd quarter, the Amazon global profit raised to $347 million. A result largely profitable and keep up thanks to it Cloud services.

In a market where competition is increasingly strong between major players and innovative startups, prices of IaaS offers are constantly decreasing. It is no longer an excuse to ignore the Cloud, even for small and medium-sized businesses.


Cloud for SMEs will soon be essential

SMEs understood that a Cloud infrastructure (private or public) had become necessary to continue to grow and especially remain competitive.

Cloud advantages for SMEs are multiples, it gets:
– Accessibility everywhere and anytime to the company applications and data,
– Informations or documents easy sharing, internally or with customers,
– IT infrastructure flexibility and real-time backup of the work done, in a storage space that can be adapted to the company needs (even occasional),
– Increased flexibility and speed of some company activities allowing a better reactivity on its market and productivity,
– Easier and faster services deployment in different countries,
– A (significant) operating costs drop,
– No using physical infrastructure procures a decrease of energy consumption and physical protection costs.

Thanks to new technologies and especially to the Cloud, SMEs are no longer technically limited. This awareness is visible and it translates by an IT expenses increase, mainly in those made in Cloud (public and private) infrastructure deployment. In Europe, in 2017, more than 35% of IT spending are made by SMEs and this rate should continue to grow. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), Cloud infrastructure spending will overtake traditional infrastructure expenses in 2020. So, international Cloud spending should grow by 11% per year in average until 2021.
These needs strongly vary depending on companies size and resources. That is why we there is still a great disparity in IT expenses.

Unfortunately, this digital transition must be well studied and carried out with trusted partners. At the risk of exposing themselves to cyberattacks which mainly target SMEs. If Cloud technology, more agile than physical infrastructure, is a real innovation driver for SMEs, it must be efficiently protected.


Cloud for SMEs : security is just a click away

In a world where security breaches are continually evolving (in 2017, 50 new vulnerabilities are identified everyday by CVE and are regularly used by hackers), hackers do not hesitate to attack small structures, more vulnerable and unprotected.

Cloud security for SMEs is a major concern for business managers. But, an upstream well established strategy and an adapted and flexible support will reassure every SME in its migration to the Cloud, which will be stress-free. Security must be a priority in the innovative and Cloud adoption strategy. Indeed, new data protection obligations such as GDPR are now an integral part of business management. Hence the importance of well choosing partners to be protected. They have to be able to meet the company pragmatic and everyday needs with appropriate solutions.

Adaptability and flexibility are companies and startups new innovative solutions key words. It is with this in mind that SecludIT has been working for several years to secure easily and quickly virtualized, hybrids and Cloud infrastructures. It is also because Cloud security is not technically accessible to all, in particular for SMEs, that we are here. Thanks to our Cloud Analytics solution, Elastic Workload Protector, a single offer helps to secure Cloud, Cloud Workloads, networks, operating systems… and allow the company to simply take control of its security.


Of course, SMEs are not the only hackers target. Most companies struggle to keep their systems safe. We can be Uber, using several Cloud providers but suffering a cyber attack and being hacked the data of 57 millions users and drivers by two strangers simply. It is therefore a global problem affecting particularly SMEs because of their reduced security budget. And only a handful to boast of having the necessary skills internally.


And if, like the majority of businesses, you have chosen to trust AWS or you are starting to be interested in this IaaS provider, our last security white paper, written in collaboration with our partner Devoteam, will allow you to follow step by step 10 essential best Cloud security practices (in french).

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