The Real Cost Of Ignoring Network Security. See Our Slideshare Presentation.

As a pioneer in automated vulnerability assessments for corporate IT networks, we have synthesized the research from some of the world’s leading organisations to help you understand the real potential cost of being hacked.

CyberEdge, Dell, HP, KPMG: these are some of the world class technology and management companies who have researched the impact of being hacked.

The figures are frightening. And as our presentation shows that 86% of CEOs think that a cyber attack is the biggest risk for their company … every member of the C-Suite needs to know about the scale of the problem.


The risk of cyber attacks. Research for the C-Suite.

Some of the key questions our Slideshare presentation covers are:

– The average cost of data loss.
– The average cost of legal defence.
– The average data center outage.
Plus dozens of extra figures and insights

An incredible 71% of companies have detected some form of cyber attack in the last year. Over 50% of companies expect to be hacked in the coming year.

As part of their due diligence program, every board of directors should spend 10 minutes understanding the real cost of ignoring network security.

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