Cybersecurity And The Board Of Directors. Vulnerability Insights For The C-Suite of SMEs.

Board of directors

Larger organizations have the capacity to retain specialist security experts to manage their network against threats from hackers.

That’s why hackers are turning their attention to medium-sized businesses, as they are typically an easier target. SMEs are more likely to have loose server configurations or outdated software that enables malware and other malicious intrusions.

It’s not the fault of the SME IT team. Cyber criminals operate sophisticated businesses, sometimes employing small armies of highly trained people who can test businesses 24/7 for vulnerabilities. And to keep track of the thousands of potential vulnerabilities is a full-time job.

Or rather, it was a full-time job until SecludIT developed the Elastic Detector solution as a way for organizations to automatically audit their IT for vulnerabilities.


One shot cyber vulnerability audit, with personal review consultation and roadmap advice, for SMEs.

Originally developed for top corporations, Elastic Detector has carried out over one million vulnerability scans for leading organizations.

Now, with a portfolio of ‘one shot’ diagnostics specifically adapted for the needs of smaller businesses, SecludIT offers deep vulnerability audits to SMEs.

Called S-Diag, this new offer includes:

– A deep scan of IT resources for over 50,000 vulnerabilities.
– An “easy to understand” management report for the C-Suite.
– Remediation advices for the IT team.
– A one-to-one phone appraisal of your report with a SecludIT expert.


Develop a comprehensive, cybersecurity risk-analysis in a morning for just 499 euros.

Cybersecurity risk analysis

According to management consultants KPMG, 86% of CEOs say that cyber security is the biggest threat to their company. 71% of businesses were hacked in the last year. And 38% expect to be hacked in the year ahead.

Boards of directors around the world are only too aware that a successful intrusion can have significant financial effects, ruin a company’s reputation and end careers.

But now there are three S-Diag audits that SecludIT can offer companies to cope with these threats. Each is priced at 499 euros and gives a thorough examination of key IT assets. The S-Diag tests include the full list of threats covered by the Elastic Detector service. It is not a cut down or ‘lite’ offer. Rather, it has been designed to enable SMEs to see how vulnerable they are … and fix it.

There are three different S-Diag audits to choose from:

– Enterprise server.
– Internet & web server.
– E-commerce server.

The S-Diag audit could be run in a morning, without affecting the normal performance of the network for colleagues and customers. An automated report into vulnerabilities is delivered the same day.

Significantly, each S-Diag audit also includes a follow-up consultation with a SecludIT expert, which will help companies to develop a comprehensive cyber security roadmap, based on their own assets and their own vulnerabilities.


Protect your resources from hackers with an S-Diag vulnerability audit.

Any company with a network is at risk of being hacked. From the billion dollar Ashley Madison hack to the hospital that had to pay cyber criminals $17,000 to unlock their medical records, every organization is a potential target.

If you are a business owner or Director, the S-Diag audit is the best value way to identify every single known threat that exists on your network.

To book your S-Diag audit, please leave your details below. A SecludIT security expert will provide you with the tools, support and advice to run a detailed scan of your business resources.

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