Elastic detector S-DIAG V6.0 TURBO. Ultimate SME Network Security Audit


Audits 50k+ Vulnerabilities in 2 Hours. Includes a C-Suite report, IT report and 1-to-1 phone consultation.

Nothing else comes close! S-Diag helps SMEs understand all their network vulnerabilities … and implement a strategy to close the door on hackers. Simple UI. No need to be a security expert. S-Diag is a business class vulnerability audit designed specifically for SMEs.

Prioritize your fixes. Our KRI Key Risk Indicators show you which vulnerabilities to fix first. KRIs prioritize alerts by factors like server access and data integrity. It’s like having an in-house security expert on your IT team.


Deep analysis


S-Diag deep scans your network for over 50,000 known examples of malware, outdated drivers, the integrity of system files and use of default passwords. Our audit list is constantly updated.


Get into pole position with S-Diag. Leave hackers behind.

We’ve performed hundreds of thousands of network security audit scans. It’s the smart, simple way to prevent cyber attacks.

A deep S-Diag ‘one shot’ audit only takes a few hours and has no effect on your network performance. You get three actionable insights from your S-Diag audit:

– C-Suite vulnerability report.
– IT report, with remediation tips.
– Phone consultation with a SecludIT expert.

Our actionable insights will save time and money in protecting your network assets against cyber attacks. There are three individual S-Diag options, designed to safeguard your key technologies:

S-diag serveur entreprise

S-Diag for Enterprise Servers

S-diag serveur web et internet

S-Diag for Internet Servers

S-diag serveur e-commerce

S-Diag for eCommerce Servers

S-Diag is a fundamental part of any corporate risk management and due diligence program. 86% of CEOs say that cyber attacks are the #1 risk to their business (see our presentation about the actual cost of being hacked).


An intuitive ‘security dashboard’ for SMEs.


S-Diag has a streamlined user interface that makes auditing networks simple and effective. Using the same security engine as our flagship Elastic Detector ‘daily audit’ software, S-Diag gives you at-a-glance feedback on audit progress, and on the vulnerabilities which have been discovered.

Our elegant UI means you’ll be able to carry out a deep and comprehensive network scan in just two hours or less.


Key Risk Indicators based on industry standards.


S-Diag enables non-specialist IT people carry out an expert security audit. In the process, the IT team will understand more about network vulnerabilities. Our KRI Key Risk Indicators prioritize the vulnerabilities in a network based on their threat level.

The KRI scoring of vulnerabilities is based on industry standards, including ANSSI, PCI-DSS and OWASP. Key Risk Indicators include:

– Server access control and data integrity issues.
– The presence of malware.
– Outdated software, and software with known vulnerabilities.

The S-Diag KRI engine prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their risk to the business, then prepares two reports:

– A management report for the C-Suite that can kickstart a due diligence activity.
– A technical report for the IT team, complete with remediation tips.


Shut the door on hackers with our triple defense audit.



Detect all known malware with our Rootkit function.

Malware is the most common way for hackers to access corporate networks. Once installed, malware is the key for cyber attacks. Our Rootkit Malware Detection Module detects all of the thousands of malware variants which are known in the world of network security. Includes remediation tips.



Verify file formats with our File Integrity Check function.

Another way that cyber attacks succeed is through system files that have been changed by hackers, or incorrectly updated by IT staff or users.
Our FIC function compares unlimited files on your server against our ‘safe configuration database’ to highlight any vulnerabilities. Includes remediation tips.



Highlight insecure access with our Default Password Identifier.

Using default passwords for programs, utilities and files is like leaving the key in the door. Hackers employ teams of technicians who regularly probe networks for the presence of default passwords. Our software scans the entire network and alerts you to the use of default passwords, so you can take remedial action.

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