Are embedded systems vulnerable?

embedded systems vulnerableFollowing our participation at Viva Technology in Paris from June 30th to July 2nd, we witnessed a trend for tackling software vulnerabilities, even in the field of connected cars.
Selected among many companies by the Valeo group following a cyber security challenge, we were invited to discuss the security of new technologies on embedded systems.

Our participation has revealed the emerging vulnerabilities for connected cars, which has challenged Valeo in its quest to improve its cyber security.

Today, hackers have an open road to exploit vulnerabilities on embedded systems and then get the private data generated by these systems. The existing solutions are not yet mature to answer the needs of this emerging market.

Already some cases were made public, putting the live of the driver and passengers in peril. A striking example was published by Motherboard detailing in a short documentary of 12 minutes, the technology to hack a car remotely. Furthermore, the Fiat-Chrysler automotive group, is now offering a bonus from $150 to $1,500 (Source AP Images) for reporting software bugs.

What you should know is that vulnerabilities are everywhere, managing them becomes a major need.

Vulnerabilities remain a risk component to make available your personal data, the first gateway to 53% of cyber attacks (source Forrester), giving access to your data.

In the presentation you will find the 2 attacks surfaces to be protected:

  • Vulnerabilities in the Cloud that hosts all the data, preventing attacks from the outside to access personal data.
  • The communication channels must be locked, and accessible only to authorized users.


Connectivity & cyber security

SecludIT is an innovator with patented technologies in the IT domain. Today, we plan to launch a research project on the application of our technologies in the automotive field. There have 45 million connected cars by 2015, a target of 420 million in 2018. Risks are already here and will only evolve over time with the deployment of new applications by car manufacturers.

To date, there is no real solution created to secure the connected car. So we must fix vulnerabilities in the embedded systems.

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