650,000 Identities Stolen From UK Pub Chain Wetherspoon.

UK Pub and Hotel Chain Hacked for 600k Customer Details Identities Stolen
caption: 650,000 identities stolen from UK Pub Chain Wetherspoon

Wetherspoon is a major UK & Ireland pub and hotel chain. With around 1000 outlets, the company is popular for selling a wide range of craft beers at competitive prices.

Now it has been revealed that the Wetherspoon website was hacked in June 2015 and the personal details of some 656,723 customers – plus an unknown number of employees – was stolen.

Although only about 100 customers had their credit card details and identities stolen, and then only the last four digits of their card number, the customer data could be valuable to the hacking community.

In an article in ITpro (link below) Simon Keates of mobile security Thales e-Security, explained: “Details such as your mother’s maiden name, your date of birth, and where you live can be pieced together relatively easily by would-be criminals and used as bait for targeting phishing attacks and identity theft to access more sensitive this information.”


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Brands like Wetherspoon suffer enormous damage after high-profile security breaches. Wetherspoon have subsequently replaced their entire website. And the fact that a UK-only company has been targeted is proof that companies of all sizes are a target for hackers.

For many companies, the direct and indirect costs of a major breach can easily reach tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

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