IT Security budgets. How The Few Can Beat The Many

IT security budgets
caption: how stretching your IT security budgets?

Time was when hacking was a ‘lone wolf’ activity. Now sophisticated companies (or even governments) have entire teams of people on the payroll. This enables them to harness a mix of ‘brute force’ and intelligent minds to break into corporate networks.

In an article by ITpro (link below) titled ‘5 cyber security predictions for 2016’, the author writes that an increasing trend of for cyber criminals to methodically target companies over a period of time, rather than mount the opportunistic hacks which have been prevalent in the past.

But the biggest threat, so the authors suggest, is the widening budget gap that is opening up between the good guys and the bad guys. Budget conscious IT departments need to weigh up an investment in security versus a wide array of other demands that the business places on them. Hackers, on the other hand, are 100% focused on the business of exposing vulnerabilities.

Even within an IT security budget, managers need to decide which methodologies to invest in. Do you spend money on hiring experts (read our blog post about IT security salaries in 2016 to see how security engineers can attract a salary of $233,000 or more), or maybe the nuclear deterrent of a twice-yearly penetration test? (see our blog post on IT security penetration testing).

Or, like an increasing number of companies, will you opt for a low-cost and proactive daily vulnerability audit? Afterall, vulnerabilities caused by out-of-date or misconfigured software are the easiest target for hackers, so a daily vulnerability audit closes the window of opportunity for intrusions.


Stretching IT security budgets with Elastic Detector

At a cost of just over $10 per server, per month, a daily (or any other defined period) vulnerability audit with our Elastic Detector solution is a fast, easy way to identify weak spots in the corporate network.

That’s why more and more companies are investing in an automatic, daily vulnerability assessment with our Elastic Detector software. Our solution works automatically and in the background, delivering the sam proactive benefits as a team of IT security specialists.

Highlights of Elastic Detector are:

– It works on clones of servers, so network performance is not degraded.

– The list of security threats is updated on a daily basis, with prioritized reporting.

– SecludIT provides remediation sheets and fix tips. So even non security specialists can address network vulnerabilities.


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