IT Security and Local Government. Getting The Right People (or Tools)

IT Security and Local Government

It is critical to understand that the individual states of the United States, like national governments, have a responsibility to secure their critical infrastructure — including electric power grids, air traffic control systems, financial systems, and communication networks—as well as the data that has been entrusted to them by their citizens.

The private sector typically pays higher wages than government, especially local government. So corporations tend to attract more specialist staff. That’s a problem for all citizens.

Thanks to an increase in network and cyber hacking threats, people with specialist knowledge in IT security are in short supply. Combine that with the fact that the private sector usually pays higher wages than local government … and the scarce supply of security specialists is naturally gravitating towards the private sector.

But central and local government, even though they are constrained by tight budgets, have a significant need for tight security.

– Central government can find itself facing sophisticated cyber attacks through to opportunistic tax frauds.

– And regional government can be storing sensitive information about millions of citizens and state assets.

But there is an answer. Even if local government is struggling to add specialist employees to the IT team, there are at least specialist tools which can audit the entire network on a daily basis, and represent a significant step to security threats prevention

Elastic Detector from SecludIT is one such tool, and one which many consider to be the most comprehensive due to its broad control surface and actionable reporting. Based on a daily update of security threats, Elastic Detector audits the entire network and alerts IT teams to any vulnerabilities found.

Better still, SecludIT also supplies remediation sheets or fix tips, so even IT teams without specialist security training can address many vulnerabilities.

Elastic Detector deep automation also helps dealing with tight budgets as the staff needed to run the tool is far reduced, plus most operations benefit from auto-pilot mode.


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