January Sales, Retailers And IT Security. It’s Time To Be Vigilant

Security breach

“In the rush to ensure that ‘everything works fine’ for the big sales push, enforcing a configuration and update freeze may seem like a good idea but it could also open the door to the bad guys. The takeaway has to be that, at this time of year the same as any other, don’t let your convenience trump the security of your customers.”

For high street and online retailers alike, Christmas and then the January sales is a ultra busy time of year. Hackers and identity theft criminals know this, and try to exploit any vulnerabilities when you have higher than usual transaction levels.

According to an article by IT Pro (link below) some 45 million attacks were made on online retailers in the last quarter of 2015. So it’s safe to say that retailers are a high profile target for criminals.

No wonder the same article quoted that 59% of consumers think that the risk of their data being stolen increases during the festive season.


Consumers unlikely to shop with data theft retailers.

Thanks to 2015’s high profile hacks, consumers are being more aware of – and less tolerant of – companies who don’t take proper care of their data.

In fact fully 64% of consumers say that they are unlikely to shop with a company that has had vulnerabilities exploited, resulting in a loss of personal data.

So retailers need to enter the holiday shopping season with a rock solid plan for identifying and fixing any security gaps in their network.


IT security audit for retailers. Just in time for the January sales.

It’s probably too late for Christmas … but you can give your network a detailed security audit in time for the the January shopping spree.

The Elastic Detector vulnerability audit from SecludIT will highlight any threats in your network. Highlights of Elastic Detector are:

– It works on clones of servers, so network performance is not degraded.
– The list of security threats is updated on a daily basis, with prioritized reporting.
– SecludIT provides remediation sheets and fix tips. So even non security specialists can implement fixes.

Elastic Detector is also available with a 30-day trial. So if you act quickly, you could beat the cyber criminals in January for free.


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