Kali Linux. The powerful anti-vulnerability tool … as used by hackers.

Kali Linux anti-vulnerability tool

Kali Linux 2.0 (Codename ‘Kali Sana’), an open-source penetration testing platform brings hundreds of Penetration Testing, Forensics, Hacking and Reverse Engineering tools together into a Debian-based Linux distribution.

Kali Linux 2.0 offers a redesigned user interface for streamlined work experience, along with a new multi-level menus and tool categories options.

At SecludIt we think that Kali Linux is a powerful tool for penetration testing. It’s a sophisticated penetration testing tool that has been developed by a large community of dedicated and talented network security experts.

The only problem is that Kali Linux is also being used by the hacker community as a convenient way to identify weaknesses in networks, and then exploit those weaknesses.

An Elastic Detector vulnerability assessment from SecludIT gives you daily alerts to the types of security threats that Kali could help exploiting. By finding and fixing these threats on a daily or weekly basis, you can significantly reduce the overhead for when you do a full penetration test every few months.

Daily vulnerability assessments also reduce the ‘window of opportunity’ for Kali-equipped hackers from a few months to a few hours.


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