In charge of network security? Make sure you get the right partner

Network security make sure you get the right partner

-“A report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch reckons the market is $75 billion a year now and will be $170 billion by 2020. Not only is demand soaring, but barriers to entry are low. Anyone able to spout a bit of computer jargon can set up shop (it also helps if you can say you have a background in an intelligence service or the military). Unlike, say, businesses based on engineering or science, there are no standard qualifications, nor any established trade associations.”

The UK’s Economist magazine recently highlighted a Bank of America Merrill Lynch report which predicted a $170 billion market for network security tools and expertise.

But, as the Economist pointed out, computer security is an unregulated market with a low barrier to entry. In fact, there are probably black hat programmers around the world who are considering entering the white hat world of cyber security. For them it’s a dream marketing platform: you provide both the problem and the solution.

The point is that the enormous value of hacking is bringing some pretty smart brains into the equation … and you’re going to need a robust, proven partner to combat the issue.

Our own solution is Elastic Detector. It provides a daily vulnerability assessment for your network, so you can minimise the ‘window of opportunity’ for hackers.

A particular strength of Elastic Detector is that it creates clones of servers and carries out the security check on the clone. This means users do not notice a deterioration in network responsiveness … plus the virtual machine can be more aggressively tested than an ‘in use’ server would be tested.

Elastic Detector comes from SecludIT, a trusted partner which handles over 5,000 vulnerability assessments a day. SecludIT is an Amazon AWS partner. Elastic Detector works on any network.


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