Five Top Pentests For The CISO To Go Nuclear On Network Vulnerabilities.

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Caption: Pentests are the ‘nuclear deterrent’ for network vulnerability tests. But you can mitigate the fallout.

Penetration testing is viewed as the gold standard for due diligence on network security. The successful pentest will aggressively check your network for vulnerabilities … but can cause major disruption to network resources, availability and users during and after its operation.

Don’t get us wrong. At SecludIT we support pentests as a due diligence precaution for networks. They are thorough … but on the downside is that they are, by their nature, extremely invasive. We’ve listed five top pentests for the CISO team below.


Reduce the fallout of pentests with daily vulnerability scans.

Quick tip. Before you embark on any pentest procedure, be sure to read our blog post titled: Daily Vulnerability Audits versus Twice-Yearly Penetration Tests.

You’ll see how:

– Daily vulnerability scans reduce the hacker ‘window of opportunity’ by 99%.
– Hackers are active 24/7 … but pentests only happen twice a year.
– 98% of networks can reduce pentest impact with our Elastic Detector scan.

The concept is simple. If you give a pentest less threats to find, it will be less disruptive. Our Elastic Detector vulnerability scanner will search for over 50,000 vulnerabilities, and give your IT team remediation tips so vulnerabilities can be fixed before the pentest.

Highlights of Elastic Detector are:

– Uses minimal network bandwidth and has no effect on performance or users.
– Can even be set to safely scan clones of server that have been turned off.
– Comes with a ‘no cure, no pay’ trial called S-Diag.

So if you’re thinking of having a pentest as part of your due diligence, you can significantly reduce the pentest alarms by pre-scanning your network with an S-Diag trial.


Five top pentest penetration test software for CISO and network security teams.

In no particular order, here are five penetration tests that the CISO and security teams will want to consider as part of their due diligence program.

1. Metasploit pentest review.

Metasploit claim to be the world’s most used penetration testing software. They check for over 1,300 exploits and help you determine how far an attacker can get.

2. Nmap vulnerability and pentest review.

The Nmap network mapper creates a detailed map of a network and its resources. The software provides a number of features for pentest probing computer networks, including host discovery and service and operating system detection.

3. Portswigger Burp Suite pentest review.

Burp Suite provide an easy to use platform for carrying out security penetration testing of web applications. The different components take the user from initial mapping of the network through to automated exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

4. SQLmap pentest review.

For the CISO and security teams who prefer open source solutions, sqlmap is a popular penetration testing tool that automates detecting SQL injection flaws. SQL Map features include database fingerprinting and accessing underlying file systems.

5. Kali Linux pentest review.

Recently updated, Kali Linux is a popular penetration testing tool from Black Hat. The software has an enthusiastic Kali community. The company is also involved in Offensive Security projects initiative.


Take a vulnerability scan before your pentest.

No matter which penetration test you choose as part of your network security due diligence, a pre-scan from SecludIT will dramatically reduce the disruption of your pentest.

Find out more about our S-Diag network vulnerability and security scan … or use the form below to receive priority information.


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