SecludIT awarded by the France cybersecurity label

label France Cybersecurity 2018 - FICJanuary 24th 2018 – SecludIT got the France Cybersecurity label to the french event International cybersecurity forum 2018 from the Secretary of State for Digital Mounir Mahjoubi.

France Cybersecurity label The France Cybersecurity Label is the guarantee for end users that the certified products and services are made in France and possess clear and well-defined functionalities, with a level of quality established by an independent panel.

This year, SecludIT was honored by being awarded this label for its cloud security analytics solution, Elastic Workload Protector. It is the only solution in the world that can continuously detect compliance with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) best security practices, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, while integrating a new generation vulnerability scanner.

“The France Cybersecurity label, awarded to Elastic Workload Protector, shows the interest of the state and CIOs to put forward trusted solutions to enhance cloud security. This award reinforces our choice of a 100% French development – in Sophia Antipolis – while most of the solutions are American.” adds Sergio Loureiro, SecludIT CEO.

About France Cybersecurity label:

The governance of the France Cybersecurity label is overseen by a committee composed of each involved party’s representatives, all gathered in 3 colleges and assigned as follows:

– College of officials: composed of representatives from the Direction générale de l’armement (DGA, the French Government Defense procurement and technology agency), the Direction générale des entreprises (DGE, the French Directorate General for Enterprise within the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital), and the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information (ANSSI, the French National Cybersecurity Agency).
– College of industrials: composed of representatives from the “Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique” (ACN) and HEXATRUST.
– College of users : composed of representatives from user college, such as: CIGREF, GITSIS, CESIN, CLUSIF espace RSSI.

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