Top 10 Paying IT Security Jobs For 2016.

10 highest paying it security jobs

“High-profile security breaches, data loss and the need for companies to safeguard themselves against attacks is driving salaries for IT Security Jobs through the roof. Here are the 10 highest-paying security roles.”

IT security is moving up the agenda in the boardroom. Following some high-profile, expensive and damaging hacks in 2015, the C-Suite is prioritizing vulnerability assessments and fraud prevention as a priority.

And that has increased the value of special IT security skills to organizations. So if you’re planning on learning some new skills, or monetizing the skills you already have, you’ll be interested in the CIO guide to the Top Ten salaries for IT security jobs.


Top 3 high salaries for IT Security Jobs

CIO – the website for Chief Information Officers (link below) – recently published a list of the best paying jobs.

At #1 spot is Lead software security engineer, with a salary of $233,333.

At #2 in the list, is Chief Security Officer, with a wage of $225,000.

And at #3, Global Information Security Director enjoys a salary of $200,000.

It wouldn’t be fair of us to give away all of CIO’s research … so please head along to CIO website to see the other top paying jobs.

But before you go, consider this. A daily vulnerability audit from our acclaimed Elastic Detector vulnerability audit software  – coupled to our remediation sheets and fix-it tips – will turn you into a world class IT security expert.

Moreover, companies will increasingly be looking for automating and streamlining vulnerabilities detection and network surveillance operations. That means people with relevant expertise will move up the value chain to analysis and reporting.


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