An innovative security assessment

carrés SecludIT

In 53% of cases, vulnerabilities are the main vector of cyber attacks (Forrester Source). Each day, 50 new vulnerabilities are discovered. So continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities is a cornerstone to protect IT infrastructures.

To guide health institutions comply with cybersecurity programs, SecludIT has developed twice patented Elastic Detector. Its technology provides a continuous active monitoring without disruptions or impact on performance.

Elastic Detector customizes reports for different roles. It facilitates vulnerability remediation as soon as they are detected:

     ⇒ Key Risk indicators based on the compliance rules (ANSSI, GDPR, OWASP, PCI-DSS)

     ⇒ Executive summary and classified vulnerabilities for IT (Administrator System, DBA, Webmaster, DevOps…)

     ⇒ Action plan with solutions and recommendations for remediation