Hardis group
Hardis Group are using Elastic Detector in more than thousand servers to improve security offer.

logo ASP serveur

ASP Server Elastic Detector from SecludIT makes ASP Serveur customers able to audit continuously their applications and firewall rules.

logo Beepeers

Beepeers worked with SecludIT to make their Nagios performance monitoring solution to interoperate with Elastic Detector. Both solutions are complementary and easy to integrate together.

logo CloudSigma

CloudSigma Elastic Detector runs as a virtual server on the CloudSigma infrastructure. CloudSigma customers have a Web interface for Elastic Detector where they can check the security state of their virtual servers, their firewalls and their applications.


Lyatiss -CloudWeaver didn’t want to deploy and manage a new standalone software solution in their own infrastructure and rather they’ve chosen Elastic Detector in SaaS mode.

logo Nexess

Nexess “Regular meetings were set up with SecludIT to review reports and improve the infrastructure security step by step.” – Frédéric Galtier, Nexess CEO